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Trading with Schools IT have teamed up with FusionED Consultancy to offer IPAD courses to Bristol schools. Please see below for course details.

Training for teachers, from a teacher – relevant and realistic training on how to fuse technology and teaching to enhance learning.

Sessions are based on real examples of impacting learning using Apple technology in the classroom.  Training offered is realistic in terms of what can be achieved daily in a 1 to 1 and also 1 to many classroom setting.

All sessions are tailored entirely to your needs and adapted depending on infrastructure, current levels of use and staff understanding.

***Recent Pearson National Teaching Award winner in the category ‘Outstanding use of Technology in the Classroom’.***

Training includes:

  • Contextual use of Apple technology in lessons
  • Curriculum design – use of Apple technology to shape your learning environment
  • Embedding use of technology across all areas of curriculum
  • Streamlining of assessment tools
  • Advice on infrastructure within the classroom and wider school

 Available Sessions


 iPad Workflow

Using iPads to impact learning can be challenging at times, particularly when workflow is a barrier to progress.

  •  How do you share materials?
  • What does workflow look like in the classroom?
  • Are we maximising the impact of iPads or are they simply an expensive research tool?
  • How do we encourage ‘content creation’ rather than ‘content consumption’?
  • How can you provide effective feedback?
  • How can I use the iPad to improve workflow for teachers as well as students?

Regardless of your current set up, the session is tailored to your needs and adapted to systems you already have in place.


iPads and Numeracy (half/full day)

A hands on session where teachers can experience how iPads can transform learning opportunities in the class.

 Learning outcomes include:

Experience the various ways iPads can be used to merge peripheral resources and technology so that students can showcase their learning through different media.

Understand the workflow involved from task to assessment, ensuring everyone is active within the process.

Tried and tested examples of activities that demonstrate how you can engage your students by simply tweaking your existing ideas to increase engagement.


iPads and Literacy (half/full day)

Experience how iPads can create unique opportunities to redefine your Literacy sessions.

Learning Outcomes include:

Practical examples that work in the classroom.  See how iPads can provide your students with opportunities to improve their writing skills and demonstrate their understanding.

Descriptogame – use games that children know and love to inspire their writing and move their learning forward.


iPads and Computing (half/full day)

With the new Computing curriculum presenting a whole host of challenges to teachers and students, this session is designed to show you how iPads can contribute to your Computing curriculum and enhance new and existing learning opportunities.  As a Computing at School Master Teacher, Matt can show you how to blend a whole host of Computing activities with iPad pedagogy.


Assessment with iPads (half/full day)

iPads can provide teachers and students with a vast range of assessment tools.  These can include apps such as Socrative that can provide invaluable data to plan your learning, as well as ways to create your own assessment tools for use by students and teachers alike.


SAMR – what is it and how can it impact learning? (half/full day/twilight)

Explore Dr Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model see how it can transform your use of technology in your school.  This session investigates how you can transform your learning opportunities to take them ‘above the line’ and truly capture your student’s imagination.


iPads and Ofsted (half day/twilight)

When the time comes for your school to be visited by Ofsted, it is vital you have robust systems in place that will ensure you satisfy the needs of the inspection.  This session will guide you through everything you need to know so that you can ensure your iPad pedagogy reflects the key standards required to be a good and outstanding institution.


iTunesU as a CPD tool (half day/twilight)

Continual Professional Development is a must for any role in life and teaching is no different.  iTunesU provides an ideal vehicle to ensure your staff has access to key information and resources that can help them to push their own learning forward.  This session will demonstrate the opportunities that iTunesU can provide to achieve this, as well as provide you with inspiration as to how it can be used with your students.

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