Internet Services

A fully-supported internet service available to all educational settings in the Bristol area.

This service provides access to the Internet from a dedicated high-speed network with educational filtering systems for child safety, ensuring school staff and pupils are fully protected from illegal and inappropriate content. Speeds up to 1 Gbps now available.

Service Features

The schools internet service is delivered over a high speed fibre network right into the school (FTTP). Specialist educational filtering systems meeting 360 Degree e-safety standard level 3 prevent access to illegal and inappropriate material whilst allowing schools to make the most of cloud-hosted technologies such as Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and Espresso (Espresso subscription required). Guest wireless networks in schools can also be filtered if required.

School networks are isolated from each other as far as possible to maintain the highest levels of security. Access to services and systems in other schools is easy and straightforward to arrange where schools have requirements to work collaboratively (e.g. across a MAT) – all such access remains within the BCC network and does not use the public internet.

The service includes the purchase, renewal and management of domain names and secure certificates where required (additional charges apply), as well as standard ISP services such as DNS management and web site hosting.

Details of the Service

  • The standard service offers 100Mb bi-directional fibre network allowing schools to fully utilise latest technologies including Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365. TwS can quote for a 1Gb service
    • Modern central application based firewall (Palo Alto) protecting the schools network and allowing secure yet flexible access to the internet.
    • Hosting of schools’ web sites and other LAMP based web systems  such as Moodle VLE. (up to 1 GB storage included, additional storage can be purchased).
    • Use of a locally hosted SpeedTest website to check your internet speed up to the edge of the Council’s network.
    • Troubleshooting of network problems within the school (chargeable extra – covered by Whole-School (Gold) service).
    • Virtual server hosting (e.g. for 3rd party finance systems).
    • Where required, specific access can be provided to other schools’ servers and services securely and almost seamlessly without data leaving the secure network.
    • Ability to log calls via the online Helpdesk system.
    • Ability to check Service Status via the website and Twitter.
    • Filtering service allowing filtering by pupil (school must run its own Active Directory) or computer.
    • Filtering system which meets the 360 Degree E-safety standards level 3, including filtering of sites on the Internet Watch Foundation CAC list.
    • Filtering of web content controlled either centrally or by the school as required.
    • Filtering of web content on mobile devices through wireless networks. Ability to enforce filtering of school managed devices from home.
    • Access to YouTube can restrict access to those videos available only within the Safe Search where required.
    • Large array of web filter reporting tools available including ability to report to staff on a daily basis when pre-defined phrases have been searched for (can be used as part of the school’s PREVENT strategy)
    • Assistance with access to external email systems using the school’s domain name.
    • Schools email filtering (virus scanning, spam and offensive content).
    • Access to schools email ( addresses) via mobile devices such as IPADs.
    • Ability to purchase TERENA signed SSL certificates at a discounted rate.
    • Purchasing, management and general advice regarding domain names.
    • DNS management for any domain name. Click here for further details .

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