IT Purchasing

This service will source, quote and procure any IT/Curriculum related hardware and software at competitive prices. The service is available to all educational settings.

Service Features

The service allows schools to take advantage of Bristol City Council’s purchasing power to obtain IT / Curriculum Equipment and Software at favourable rates. TwS can also arrange site visits by specialists for your audio-visual and networking requirements, and provide complete refurbishment of ICT suites (benches, cabinets etc.)

Details of the Service


  • TwS will advise on any IT related purchasing enquiry to ensure schools are made aware of all options available.
  • TwS has access to BCC’s established list of suppliers as well as the ability to go to new businesses to provide tailor-made quotations for your school / educational setting. TwS will also provide alternatives if it will be of benefit.
  • TwS can tender for projects or large scale IT work, bringing in third party contractors if required.
  • The service allows schools to take advantage of BCC’s discounts to purchase IT / curriculum equipment and software.
  • Unpacking and Installation of equipment can be arranged where TwS provides the admin (admin machines only) or whole school support for the school.
  • PCs for admin use can be pre-configured with standard admin software, or supplied direct from the manufacturer as required.
  • Where schools take the whole-school service, installation of software for curriculum PCs, laptops and iPads can be carried out as part of the technician’s on-site time, or separately as a chargeable extra. Software installation for curriculum PCs, laptops and iPads for other schools can also be arranged.
  • Complete refurbishments of ICT suites can be arranged, including replacement furniture and wall cabinets.
  • TwS can quote for, order and administer a Microsoft Open Value Subscription (OVS) Agreement to cover all Microsoft licenses in the school.

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