Internet +

A supplementary package to the basic internet service providing more specialist features.

Service Features

Internet Plus is an add-on to the basic School’s Internet Service for both Primary and Secondary Schools. It provides school staff with remote working, allowing secure access to the school’s admin data and SIMS from outside the BCC network. Secure access is ensured by the use of Two Factor Authentication.

Secondary School technicians  can monitor the network bandwidth used by the school to ensure that the internet service is performing to standard, as well as setting up configuration backups and alerts to monitor the health of the school’s internal networking equipment (equipment must support SNMP)


Details of the Service

  • Connect to your admin data remotely from a school supplied laptop (conditions apply if using personal equipment)
  • Operate your desktop PC in school as if you were sat at it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Run SIMS on your school-supplied* PC at home – all SIMS data stays on the central hosted SIMS server.
  • Secondary Schools Only:
    • Access to a network monitoring tool to see specific details of how much bandwidth your school uses on a daily basis and provide basic monitoring of in-school switches.
    • Access to an alerting system to pro-actively monitor your network infrastructure.
    • Access to centrally hosted Switch Configuration Backup Utility (RANCID) managed by TwS. (some restrictions apply).


    *PC must be configured as part of the school’s domain.

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