Domain Management

Trading with Schools IT are able to manage domains on any school’s behalf , whether this be an official address or the more common .com,  .uk, .net, .org addresses for example.

Below is specific information relevant to the different types of domain, that schools are able to acquire and have managed by us: addresses:

Every Bristol school is allocated a address. Benefits of this type of domain include:

  • officially identifiable UK school domain
  • no renewal fees
  • minimal fee to purchase or change domain (paid to Nominet)

For new domain requests and changes to existing domain names (e.g. change from to  – please contact Nominet directly, as they will advise of the process to follow. Schools will need to provide Nominet with the Trading with Schools IT “REGISTRAR TAG” – which is “BRISTOL-CITY” in order for Nominet to transfer control of domains correctly.

Please note that domains do not expire. Should a school change their name, it is up to the school to update Trading with Schools IT and Nominet of the new domain that is required if any, and advise should an old domain no longer be required.


Purchasing other domains through Trading with Schools IT

Requesting a Domain:

Schools should contact the Helpdesk requesting the domain they require and duration of ownership (Normally quotes can be provided for 1 – 10 year ownership). We will then identify if this is available, and provide a quote for purchasing the domain. If necessary we will advise of alternatives should the requested domain be unavailable.

Domain Renewals and Expiration:

Approximately 6 weeks before a domain expires we will contact the school and provide a quote for renewal. (An email will be sent to the main school address, and followed up with a phone call 4 weeks before expiry).  Please be aware that in order to maintain service, domains are set to auto-renew by default, and this will occur approximately 1 week before the expiry date. We require notification 10 days prior to expiry date latest if the domain is no longer required, so we can take steps to cancel the auto-renewal process.



Schools that use Trading with Schools IT for domain management can be assured that we deal with all requests and issues related to domains promptly.

In all cases, initial queries are responded to within a maximum of 5 working days, in most cases no more than 2 working days.  All queries should be raised by logging a call on the Online Helpdesk system (using the green cross on schools desktop), or by emailing the Helpdesk at It is also possible to log a call by phone by calling 0117 90 37999.

Change TypeSLA
Add/change A /CNAME/MX record, etc2 days
Quote for purchase of domain5 days
Purchase of domain on acceptance of quote5 days
Release of domain to other tag5 days



With the exclusion of domain purchase, renewals and Nominet admin fees, general domain management is included in the Schools Internet Service charge, that Bristol schools subscribe to.

Schools that do not subscribe to this service, and would like Trading with Schools IT to administer their domain records, should get in contact to discuss the specific scenario. Contact the Helpdesk at or by calling 0117 90 37999.

Terms and Conditions:

Nominet’s Terms and Conditions

Nominet’s Terms and Conditions are available here.


Trading with Schools Domain Management Terms and Conditions

Customers subscribing to the Schools Internet Service offered by Trading with Schools IT are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of service set out here.

When a domain renewal notice is sent out, it is the responsibility of the school to provide payment for the renewal, or provide sufficient notice that the domain is no longer required.

Approximately 6 weeks before a domain expires Trading with Schools will contact the school and provide a quote for renewal. (An email will be sent to the main school address, and followed up with a phone call 4 weeks before expiry) to ensure the school has received clear notification.

Trading with Schools will require payment of a domain renewal from the school even if the school no longer requires the domain if we have not been notified otherwise by 10 days before expiry date.

An invoice will be sent to the school requesting payment if no payment is made by the required deadline and no request to cancel the service has been received by the Helpdesk or the individual who has sent the quotation.

Customers are reminded that Trading with Schools IT manage these domains on schools behalf. This is part of the Internet Service that Bristol Schools subscribe to.

Trading with Schools IT utilise an internal DNS structure which replicates external DNS records using internal IP addresses where appropriate to ensure traffic passing through the Firewall is kept to a minimum. Further information can be supplied if requested.

Domains can be transferred to 3rd parties if a school requests it. This is not recommended where the school is on the Bristol WAN, and internal DNS records exist, as this setup causes confusion if external records are updated and internal records are not kept up to date. Further information can be supplied if requested.

Trading with Schools IT are able to direct traffic for school websites to new website hosting providers without transferring domain ownership to the website provider.  In the past schools have requested complete transfers take place, however this can cause problems where 3rd parties then go out of business and the domain goes offline.

Trading with Schools IT are the Registrar for domains only and as these domains do not expire there will be no renewal fee involved in maintaining these domains.

Trading with Schools IT do not have any official relationship with any other Registrars, and where-ever possible will seek out the most cost effective solution for the school.

 Complaints and Appeals:

If a customer wishes to make a complaint about the service they have received from Trading with Schools IT relating to  Domain Management then they should initially raise a call on the Helpdesk system, specifying that it is a complaint.  Schools will obtain a call reference number from this system. Please quote this reference in all subsequent correspondence. Schools are able to view updates on their calls via the online Helpdesk system. If a school believes that their issue should be escalated as it has not been dealt with quickly enough, then in the first instance email quoting the call reference number. This is a monitored email account by the Infrastructure team, and the school will be contacted within 1 business day.


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